Water – An Element Connecting Dimensions

By the invited guest blogger Ms. Hannamari Mäkelä

Water is All

Water is one of the most enigmatic substances, being a compound of two gases that nevertheless form a liquid at moderate temperatures and pressures. It has over fifty anomalous properties which, according to physics, it should not have. One of them is that it exists in all three states: solid, gas and liquid.

It is the only substance on our planet that is found in nature in all these three states.
Water has so many unusual properties that it should not exist at all, and they make it so special.

Healing Properties of Water

Most people love to sit by the sea listening to the waves and go to waterfalls, as this is very soothing for the body and mind. In a physical sense too something really happens there: massive amounts of negative ions are freed from the surging water. It does not only feel good, but actually it is healing due to these negative ions.

In the fresh countryside air there are 2000-4000 negative ions in one cubic centimetre, but
at the Yosemite waterfalls in the United States, for example, that number is a whopping one hundred thousand. The experience of negative ions is the feeling of happiness – when we are affected by negative ions, we feel very happy. It is like the planet’s natural happy drug.

The indigenous people and Scandinavians have always recognised the influence of negative ions: Scandinavians as well as the Finnish people usually love saunas. When water is thrown on hot stones in a sweat lodge or a wood- burning sauna, negative ions are released, and it feels good.

Encountering the Divine in Water

Bodies of water are wonderful for us, not only in the physical, but spiritual sense as well. Veneration of springs, wells, rivers and lakes for their sacred properties goes back to prehistoric times. When water emerges from underground, it experiences its first exposure to light. This water is considered to be very sacred, as it has just emerged with all the resonance of the deep Earth within its crystalline structure.

These sacred wellsprings can be found in very remote places. Throughout the ages, people have travelled from far and wide to bathe in and drink those pure waters. When water has flowed over rocks, minerals and soil, it is bursting with wonderful, invigorating electromagnetic energy.

For millennia, people have been going to sacred water sites where they can immerse and experience oneness with God. There are thousands of sacred springs and holy wells on Earth. Roman philosopher Seneca stated, “Where a spring rises or a water flows, there ought we to build altars.”

Numerous shrines have been constructed to praise the element of water, and often these particular sites attract hundreds of thousands of people who make regular pilgrimages to participate in water healing rituals. Such rituals have existed in all cultures since recorded time and are thought to have existed in pre-historic cultures for thousands of years.


There are countless folk stories about healings happening at holy wells and sacred springs. Many sacred springs have been christianised, for example, Lourdes in France. Lourdes is well known for its spring water, which is said to heal the sick. Each year, thousands of people make a pilgrimage there in search of a cure for what ails them.

The story of Lourdes holy water dates back to the mid-1850s when 14-year-old
Bernadette Soubiroux claimed to have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary eighteen times. Since then, people have said to be miraculously healed by the waters there. Eventually a church was constructed at the site.

In Britain, countless sacred springs and wells show an aspect of how water has been revered. The power of water is expressed in stories like the “Mists of Avalon” in Glastonbury and the symbolism of the Lady of the Lake. Chalice Well in Glastonbury is the most well-known well in Britain, place of healing and the Goddess. According to tradition, water and Goddess are related.

The iron-rich water of the Chalice Well leaves rust-coloured trails as it flows. This was thought to be the blood of the Goddess. According to the myth, Chalice Well is also a resting place of the Holy Grail, and the beautiful pool where the water finally descends is in the form of Vesica Piscis symbol. The same symbol is on the cover of the well, and it is the symbol of whole Chalice Well. Sacred geometry, then, is related to healing waters – to sacred water and healing.

Wells and springs were also seen as gateways to the underworld and nether regions; portals into other worlds. The reflective power of still water and its ability to act as a mirror have long prompted spiritual contemplation. It was in pools of water that human beings first saw their own faces and a reflection of the world around them.

Water has also been seen as a mirror into the future, and its association with prophecy
and divination goes back at least as far as the ancient Greeks. The famous 16th century seer Nostradamus saw future events in a basin of water. In Africa, pools are often places where people go to commune with their ancestors.

Water – A Conscious Entity

Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that water is conscious and has memory, by taking photographs of water crystals frozen after having directed certain words, phrases or music at the water. These experiments show that when the thought is a positive one, the water crystal organises itself into a harmonious and beautiful form.

But if a negative thought is directed at the water, its crystals become incoherent and lose their harmony, and they do not have sacred geometry and beauty – in other words, the water is not anymore in harmonic resonance with the universe. These results are very significant, since the human body is over seventy percent water.

If we wish to be healthy, we need to be in resonance with the Earth. This way, Emoto verified what indigenous peoples have always known: that the intention of human beings could affect water crystals, and that words have their own unique, individual vibratory frequencies.

According to Emoto, the contamination of rainwater has reached worldwide proportions: industrial waste enter the cycle, polluting the water and spreading toxins all over as it goes.
A proponent of holistic thinking, Emoto says that pollution has originated within our own consciousness. He observed that water forms its most beautiful, harmonious crystals when it is sent energies of gratitude and love.

Sacred water ceremonies and rituals

The ability to make rain by intention demonstrates powerfully how consciousness can affect the water. Indigenous cultures have always had rainmakers and rituals for summoning rain. In China, for example, bringing rain has been one of the most important tasks of a Taoist priest, because the land is frequently beset by long dry spells.

According to Carl Jung, a rainmaker’s brain hemispheres – yin and yang – need to be in balance for them to succeed in making rain. Emoto further notes that clouds respond to human will quickly, because they are condensed out of water in its vaporous form. Emoto, who spent years studying water, has no doubt as to whether the vibrations of prayer reach the
environment and affect it instantly. He depicts in his books how an entire lake was purified with a large number of people meditating on its shores.

Today, many people around the world organize ceremonies, group meditations and concerts with the intention to purify the water. For example in 2009, Dr Leonard Horowitz produced “Live H2O: Concert for the Living Water,” in which groups from 72 countries participated by singing and chanting in 528 Hz, praying for all polluted water to be purified worldwide.

Photographs taken of water crystals from holy wells and sacred springs are very harmonious and beautiful. Water crystals also become more coherent following a ceremony. Today, many people go to pray and meditate by sacred springs and wells, as well as the seaside. It is believed that the flow of watercourse can carry the resonance of prayers and blessings to other places and dimensions, and that meditating by water can bring harmony to the world.

One can also create sacred water rituals wherever they are, and they do not need to find pure springs or sacred sites – even though they are beautiful and inspiring places to visit.

There is a belief in many cultures that people have the ability to transform the energies of the water using whatever water they have access to. Songs for water and water deities such as Yemanjá are often sung in ceremonies. One of the water songs is Cuñaq, a traditional song of praise and a prayer to the waters, which comes from a farming community in the highlands of Peru.

Each year the community has a fiesta to celebrate water when they create new songs for the festival. Today, this beautiful song is sung around the world with the intention to help bring purification and renewal.

Everything in the natural world and whole universe manifests as beauty. Just like harmonious water crystals, crop formations too are beautiful mandala forms and often they have proportions of sacred geometry.

There is almost always groundwater in places where genuine crop circles appear. In addition, water taken to a crop formation in a container has shown to organize its crystals in the form of that specific circle.

Megalithic standing stones and stone circles also have been erected close to springs and
wells, or linked to rivers. For example, there is a well flowing underground at Stonehenge in England, and people do ceremonies there. Numerous pyramids around the world too have been built over springs and wells.

Energising the Water with Life Force

Researcher Glenn Broughton says that water is probably the most important thing in the universe. Spring water has life force, Mother Earth’s vibrations. Broughton reminds us that we need this vibration because dead water keeps us physically alive but it will not keep us healthy. Photographs of water crystals reveal that polluted water, such as chlorinated tap water, has no crystal structure at all, so energizing water after filtering it is actually very important.

Water can be energized in various ways, for example, with words of gratitude and love, sacred geometry images such as crop formations, orgonites, or crystals. The carbon- rich Karelian shungite stone is considered an effective water energizer, and it is also said to protect from harmful radiation.

The fact that the water can be energized is known in homeopathy, in which the original substance, whose essence is wanted for use, is diluted in water. Every time it is diluted, the water is shaken, because shaking attaches the energetic signature of the substance. Then it is shaken more, again and again, so that each time the substance is diluted, its potency increases instead of diminishing.

People usually think that when something is diluted, it becomes weaker, and in physical sense this what happens. In homeopathy, however, every time a substance is diluted, the energetic signature or message of the original substance stays. Each time it also becomes stronger, because when the substance is shaken, its energetic signature attaches more.

In homeopathy, then, importance and power of the water is understood, and the reason that
this can happen is that water has memory.

Information of the author and art works in this blog:

Sacred geometry paintings depict crop formations, which have appeared on the fields of
England. All paintings in this blog are by artist Hannamari Mäkelä. Please visit her site to see more beautiful crop formations and sacred geometry art: www.hannamarimakela.com .

Hannamari’s book Kuudennen Auringon Aika is available in Adlibris and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. The English version of the book titled Dawn of the Sixth Sun is being edited at the moment. Website of the book: www.kuudennenauringonaika.fi


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Alick Bartholomew: The Spiritual Life of Water: Its Power and Purpose, Bloomsbury, London, 2012

Books in Finnish:

Hannamari Mäkelä: Kuudennen Auringon Aika, Siniplaneetta, 2013
Hannamari Mäkelä: “Viljapeltokuvioiden mysteeri,” Uforaportti 22-23, Fufora, 2015


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