This photo gallery shows images of past ocean trips and future ventures planned by our blog writers, travelers and members in this global World Friends network.

Images express feelings about each relationship to the oceans and marine life. As photos of ocean journeys are shared, we can easier relate to the feelings felt during the travel experiences.

All ocean trips are unique and offer many things to explore. 

Our work is to share these experiences with images, links and stories at this site. Please view also the “See Our Sea Links” blog.

Portugal 2021

The open sea by Nazar̩ is a famous surfing challenge. The cliffs are situated by intense and high waves Рhard to handle even for an experienced surfer.

When tourists are on this beach sand by the water, it is important to not go too close to the approaching high wave as some of them might take you into the water with. The seas have their own nature, which follow patterns.

To know the nature of waters, is to know how the ocean reacts to wind, change of weather and by the high rocks. 

The beauty of Portugal is known across. The ocean is open wide and the white light is luminous even in late Fall. If you have not been to Portugal before, To the Oceans Project recommends to explore old cities by the West coast. Portuguese people are humorous, relaxed and seemed very nature-aware. They keep the environment clean. Ocean waves are beautiful to see from dawn to sundown. 

Galeas Ihana Fall 2022

The traditional ship Ihana has permit to travel from Finnish waters up to Estonia and offers a splendour historical feel to be on board a wooden ship up North. The cold waters require preparing for the weather and to plan trips well before setting sail. 

Galeas Ihana is run by an association and the short trips to near islands are delightful Scandinavian tales of the history of the ship in months, when the sea is open from ice. (For tickets see ihana.fi) Photos are taken from a group sail with historical tales in Finnish waters on the ship in September 2022. Air is clean and sky is open. The colouring of Northern waters is less transparent, than those in warm seas.

Here are some photos of the nice day trip with Galeas Ihana on a Nordic sea. Next day trips are in Spring 2023.

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