We take part into trips 2023 and self also arrange ocean trips 2024 to create positive marine orientated networks between sea experts, the young and their families. Documented interviews from these travels are published after and shared for the young to find.

You can volunteer as a blog writer and share your ocean travel experience for our viewers. We select the best suitable blogs to be published. 

We are happy to hear news of your family’s or school groups ocean dream ventures from the past or plans for the near future journeys to special ocean locations across the globe.

Our ventures values are: together stronger, the oceans are the core of life, clean body – clean vision, protecting the environment and cooperation in peace together. Positiveness and kindness are a good addition to nature protection ventures.

The next documented To the Oceans trip will be in September 2024. This is the “To the Whales” family trip.

We recommend to use nature friendly products during the trips.

This projects’ value is not to disturb those factors, who have a legal permission for their operations at the seas. We aim to be present by the seas in a peaceful manner to create a positive atmostphere within oceans experiences.

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