Ocean Beauty Within Peace

Kiia Taika in Mexico. The guest blog writer is known for her kindness.
Ocean is where I find my inner peace and flow. The infinite space and profoundness of the ocean brings silence to my mind. Infinite possibilities and adventures open with the sky painted by the colours of the sunset.

The sound of the waves coming in and dissolving back to the ocean hypnotizes me. The vast seas are a great teacher showing me how to observe my own thoughts coming to my awareness – and then again dissolving back into silence. With my heart filled with joy I run to dance with the waves.

I surrender to their flow feeling how they carry and hold me, aligning and opening my core, Then I become one with the infinity of the ocean.

As the bioluminecense of the Caribbean Sea is shining its light, I feel I am swimming in the galaxies of stars. I come to the beach to connect my whole core with the nature, my loved ones and the birds. As observing the waves, I love to meditate, sing and dance, celebrating this life.

For me the beach is a place to relax, let go and to be reborn with new joy and clarity of mind. Sunny day brings out  the colours of the sea and invites to enjoy. Storm connects with the power of nature and transformation.

Sunset of the sea is a magical moment of giving thanks for this life. How beautiful this world is when the sky is painted with colours reflecting to the sea? I have been sailing, working on boats and travelling all around the beaches of the world. There is nothing like the moment when the wind starts blowing to the sails and the boat starts flowing with the wind, dolphins jumping and playing by the boat.

That is the moment of complete freedom and adventure, tuned into harmony of the nature.
If I could make one wish for all the people in the world, I would wish that everyone could care and love themselves. As we learn to love ourselves we realize that we are one with the Earth and the oceans. We are inseparable from the nature as all of our body is constructed from food, water and minerals coming from the nature.

How we treat the nature and oceans is in my view also how we treat ourselves. The things thrown to the nature do not dissappear but flow to the waters with rains. With the sea currents rubbish drifts with waters hurting animal life and to ruin distant beaches nature balance. Sometimes people may not know how far a one trash object can float.

I have travelled to many too many spoiled paradise beaches all over the world just to find a sea of only rubbish. I wish money could be invested into things doing good for people and the nature, such as buying things to last longer and to be used multiple times.

Bying food which generates less rubbish, maybe even to cultivate our own food. I think it is important to be conscious but not to stress and worry about these things too much.

It takes a lot of energy to try to stop the flow of the river of life and in the process we might end up loosing ourselves. Instead, lets create new channels so that the flow of life can flow into fertile grounds by creating new conscious and ecological ways of living in harmony with nature. Together we are the positive change we want to see in the world.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the oceans of the Earth for their magical waves, beaches and profoundness. I respect all the animals and fish living in these deep seas.

With gratitude, I find the respect towards the ocean, giving back my love and protection to conserve their natural beauty.

Kiia Taika, Helsinki Finland & Bacalar, Mexico.
Meditation guide in BeFlow

The guest writer is an invited blogger for totheoceans.com as a representative of chosen peaceful and harmonious lifestyle away from the urban culture. Ms. Kiia Taika is a spiritual healer and group meditations worker reciding in Mexico, who has chosen a free life connected to the nature. #mexico #kiiataika #totheoceans
Kiia Taika in Mexico 2023.
In this photo one can feel the peaceful openness Kiia Taika describes. The oceans are vast and powerful.

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