No Light Deep Seas and Global Mind Travel

The SeaNowLight Team

To the Oceans Project has formed a new team in 2024 of awareness experts, quantum physicists and meditations talents, who work on trying to connect to those ocean areas, where the sun light cannot reach.

The work forms cooperations with existing teams globally and shares own findings along.

The goal of the team SeaNowLight is to connect through meditations experiences to be able to receive information from the non-light sea areas. The stories are shared in blogs, heard in webinars and seen in videos.

Cooperation, networking and expressing insight of the minds findings of the dark ocean depths is what this team does. The goal is to receive information with remote viewing techniques to learn more of those deepest ocean areas, where human has seldom visited.

This is done by respecting the ecosystems in the no sun light sea depths – and by its own terms. All gathered information comes from awareness exploration through the mind practises, observing and viewing possible knowledge rising.

The team experiments on how the human mind could be able to with meditations methods receive more information from the yet unknown deep ocean life.

The values of this team are to not intrude and to not exchange information from human to the non-light ocean ecosystems but to receive only. As we hopefully begin to learn more of these dark ocean depths, we then might understand more of all ocean life.

The ability to try to use awareness as an information receiver with nature connections is globally known in many meditations practices.

As this active team is new, it will be interesting in the near years to share views in how intuitions see the non-light ocean world. Is it a new world, which we can understand? Does it open its spiritual ecosystem for us to feel?

The deep ocean levels (See: The Aphotic zone and the Hadal Zone) lacking light are vastly yet not explored. Many skilled channelers say it may make no difference, whether they ´open the channel´ from afar – or by being close.
Remote viewing is a method taught in courses and known.

These seen – and felt – insights by remote viewing and connecting to marine life from a distance have already been widely reported to contain similarities in the received ´messages´. In 2022 to 2024, many known psychics mentioned of having recently felt connecting to the big whales. This may sound unbelievable, but so must have been with the stories of some Buddhist monks telling having seen galaxy formations in the space through their visions in meditation – long before science ever found them.

As the human sees dreams and some more sensitive individuals can even feel a storm coming, so can the marine animals from their own part be as intuitive as nature has made to be – within variety of different species.

We know of the sharks relation to the magnetic field and how nature beings visual reality can fully vary from vision of the human. So why not explore what the mind can find within meditation to be able to connect to those sea levels, where human eyes cannot see.

The true story of a whale saving a woman from a large shark is one of our favourites of yet heard marine stories.

SeaNowLight will have a special place in the To the Oceans Project. As meditations practices were able long ago to experience then yet unfound space elements, so can we today sense upcoming events of nature, foresee hurricanes and tsunamis, feel messages from sea animals to dreams and many more. The work will be longterm and gather diverse information to be shared with you.

We remember wonderful stories by the indigenous people or the so-called ESP characters.

As all functioning is in the global water cycles unified, so is the unseen of nature a part of it.
As the deep dark sea levels are yet largely unknown, so is the mind with its all abilities. These stories of dreams and meditations experiences go back in time through all human history.

Meditation is seen as a normal in cultures teaching methods of the non-seen or nonverbal ways to communicate and receive.

Another important part of this work is that it is not safe nor easy to visit the deep sea levels of no sun light. The high pressure, the danger and the even impossible conditions are not possible for human to easily endure. So the remote viewing mind is the tool to experiment through awareness endevours connecting with the dark sea.

The SeaNowLight team program inside To the Oceans Project requires an open mind, but we for sure have made it family-friendly. By cooperation, we are giving room for structurous diversity to hear stories from people, who are seen as those of peacefully ´following-the-path´. As there is biodiversity in nature, so is there diversity in how each individual experiences a nature connection.

This group of skilled intuitive talents has invited members and of two categories:

1. Renowned meditations experts with a longtime and trusted track record of ´seeing´ in a channeling experience or 2. Independent scientific project cooperators, who seek for similarities in ocean experiences across many cultures.

The team SeaNowLight experiments on finding awareness and a nonvisible connection to marine life in areas of no sun light. Even this project is for using the mind itself, the digital can assist us. An interesting program well worth presenting is the ocean floor mapping by NOAA Ocean Exploration:

When other senses are gone, others take over and the digital can assist! Many effective meditations techniques originate from old cultures and are used today across the world as much as the mobile phone.

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