To the Oceans World Friends

To the Oceans Project expands its global network of supporters and contacts across the World. Even the project became public in November 2022, it is already widely cooperating on all continents.

To name a few of our World Friends, this project is supported by H.E Ambassador Carmen Smidt of South Africa, Children´s Climate Prize winner Ms. Vinisha Umashankar from India, Birdman innovator Mr. Jari Kuosma from Sweden and many more.

The host of this project, To the Seas Mertenluo Oy (Ltd), is a member of the British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland, where the company originates from. Scandinavia is an area, where sustainable development, equal rights, positive cooperation across boarders and maintaining nature balance are valued as part of the business culture and in daily life. From there on in Finland, this projects networks globally, working mainly online in English language.

We are happy to introduce wonderful wordly influencors, who from their own part communicate to protect the nature, human rights, diversity and the World seas in a peaceful and positive way. Our global contacts family is increasing by the month and includes factors from all areas of expertise. This blog presents people and factors supporting our cause.

Wishing wonderful ocean journeys!

Project Manager:

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